Movietech is one of the UK's largest and most experienced camera and grip rental companies. Our independence ensures we can offer creative choices to film-makers of all types and the freedom to invest in innovative product and design excellence wherever we find it.  In combination with experience and in-house expertise we have been serving the film-making community for over 25 years but the story begins much earlier.

Managing Director John Buckley began his career as an engineer under David Samuelson at Samuelson Film Services in the 1960's and technical director John Venables joined him shortly afterwards. The two of them left and together became the technical heart that beat at JDC through the 1980's and Panavision UK in the 1990's.

Today, our enthusiasm and experience combine to offer you help and support in realising a shot, an idea or a plan - and our involvement in that process remains our focus and source of pride.



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